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Unveiling the Timeless Power of Booths in the Digital Era

Booth from JCDC at event
Unveiling the Timeless Power of Booths in the Digital Era  

In the highly digital era, where technology seems to extend throughout every aspect of our lives, there’s a unique and irreplaceable appeal to the physical presence and experience offered by booths at events. Incorporating advanced technology such as engaging touchscreens, AI, and VR into booth designs is crucial for an enhanced immersive experience. This seamless fusion of traditional physical presence with innovative tech keeps booths at the forefront of events striking a perfect balance between the tangible and the digital. These booths stand as highly versatile platforms, offering a range of advantages that benefit not only businesses but also attendees. 

Unlocking Brand Experiences Through Immersive Booths 

Booths eagerly allow attendees to experience brands in a more immersive way. They can see, touch, and interact with products and services in person. This allows attendees to better understand a brand and its offerings, all while developing a positive impression of the brand. This is because they can experience the brand first-hand and get a better sense of its quality and value. 

Fuelling Saudi Vision 2030  

In the context of Saudi Arabia’s ambitious Vision 2030, these booths emerge as not just event spaces but as catalysts for the thriving tourism sector. In an era dominated by digital interfaces, these physical booths play a pivotal role in showcasing the richness of Saudi culture, its innovation, and its booming hospitality. Operating as lively gateways these booths extend a warm invitation for visitors to delve into the intricate tapestry of Saudi Arabia’s past, its current achievements, and the aspirations that shape its future.  

One of the key ways in which the Saudi government is attracting foreign investment is by hosting major events and exhibitions, such as the renowned Saudi HORECA and the upcoming Saudi Food Expo 2024 in the food and beverage industry, along with events like the Riyadh Travel Fair and Saudi Travel and Tourism Investment Market in the travel and tourism sector.  

These events provide a platform for Saudi businesses to showcase their products and services to potential investors from all around the world. Acting as a catalyst for creating meaningful connections, facilitating the exchange of knowledge, and fostering an environment favourable to collaboration between local and international businesses, these booths play an integral role. This dynamic interaction not only amplifies economic opportunities but also contributes significantly to the overarching growth and diversification of Saudi Arabia’s business ecosystems. 

Dice: Masters of Booth Crafting Across Industries 

A prime example of excellence in booth design, production, and installation is exemplified by Dice. At Cityscape 2023, for over 30 days, 150 skilled labourers crafted a massive tailored booth design for JCDC ,resulting in an 864 sqm masterpiece that perfectly embodied the brand’s essence. From seamless integration of additional suppliers to precision execution from setup to dismantling, Dice set a high standard at Cityscape 


Let us not forget that for the past three years, Dice has been a major player at LEAP, showcasing their expertise through a variety of booths at the event. Their influence extends to high-profile tech giants, including HPE, Oracle, VMWare, Snapchat, and Exclusive Network. Throughout this period, Dice has consistently demonstrated its unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, firmly establishing itself as a key player in the technological field of Saudi Arabia.

Dice has demonstrated its versatility in designing and producing booth experiences across a spectrum of industries. In the realm of technology and logistics, booths such as Mozn, DHL, and Cisco Blackhat Booth showcase Dice’s expertise in creating immersive and engaging experiences. Financial and business services are also well-represented with booths like STC Pay, JCDC GPFM, and JCDC Real Estate Future Forum, where Dice seamlessly integrates branding and functionality. 

It does not end there, Dice also excels in brand activation experiences, showcasing their expertise through the strategic design and placement of activation booths. When collaborating with Pepsi , a sponsor for the Champions League, Dice not only created engaging and addictive game as an activation aimed at offering winners an opportunity to witness the Champions League in Turkey, but they also crafted from conceptualization to execution, captivating activation booths which stood out in supermarkets across the Kingdom, effectively attracting and engaging consumers. 

Dice Booths Redefining Immersive Xperiences 

These diverse projects highlight Dice’s adaptability and expertise, making them a golden partner for creating exceptional booths across various industries. In a world of screens and virtual interactions the value of face-to-face connections and the sensory richness of a well-designed booth stand out as invaluable elements in making lasting impressions and fostering genuine relationships. It’s essential to remember that a booth, in its essence knows no limits with Dice. 

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