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Masterfully Curated Cultural Booth for JCDC at Cityscape 2023

Jeddah Central Development Company is the master developer of the Jeddah Central Project. The company is wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF). The project aims to contribute towards PIF’s objectives to diversify the national economy, create more jobs for Saudis, and develop crucial business sectors including real estate, hospitality, retail, and more. 

The challenge

JCDC required an engaging and visually striking booth for Cityscape 2023 Riyadh, one that would effectively showcase their development projects and magnetize potential investors and stakeholders.

  • Client

    JCDC logo

Booth Design, Production & Installation

Our comprehensive services spanned 30 days of production and 10 days of installation, engaging over 150 skilled laborers attending around the clock. The conceptual design of the booth was tailored to JCDC's brand identity and objectives, our team of 3D designers crafted a booth design that matches the essence of the brand, and our production experts used specific materials from paint, tiles, and various other materials that reflect the true look and feel of Jeddah central.

We took charge of building up the event space and handling the precise transportation of highly fragile and delicate mackets. These intricate pieces were expertly transported to Riyadh and back to Jeddah. in addition to managing the transportation, we seamlessly integrated additional suppliers to ensure a comprehensive and cohesive event experience.

Our team worked in close collaboration with Informa and various suppliers, guaranteeing a seamless execution of every aspect of the event. From the setup to dismantling, we managed the JCDC booth with precision.

The resulting mega booth, a sprawling 864 sqm masterpiece, successfully embodied JCDC's brand identity. This exceptional state-of-the-art experience stands as a testament to our commitment to precision and detail, from conceptual design to successful assembly and installation, marking a milestone in the manifestation of JCDC's brand identity.

Event Planning and Management

For 4 days, at Malham Riyadh, from dusk till dawn Dicers made the JCDC booth experience into a vital cornerstone, ensuring every moment was not just an exhibit but a dynamic and indispensable encounter for all attendees. Covering all angles of the booth, Dicers warmly greeted attendees with the arranged specialty coffee and delicious dates. From selecting the finest food and beverages to seamless setup and service during the event, our goal was to ensure that attendees relished a delightful and unforgettable experience.

Photography and Videography

We expertly captured high-quality images of the booth, branding, and event highlights at the event. Our videography team produced a professional video showcasing the booth design, JCDC's projects, and event moments.

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