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TechXpand Event

TechXpand is a premier technology event powered by MCIT, co-organized by CODE and NTDP, that brings together technology leaders, innovators, investors, and visionaries from around the world.  

The challenge

Organizing a tech event that bridges entrepreneurs and startups with investors in an effort focused on engaging a diverse audience of technology leaders, innovators, and visionaries from around the world. The event featured 6 initiative launches, 4 award ceremonies and accelerator graduations, 102 exhibiting companies, and 30 renowned speakers.

  • Client

    A MCIT logo


We crafted the entire branding package for the event, including the development of the event name, logo, identity, and theme. Each element was thoughtfully designed to resonate with the essence of the event, ensuring TechXpand came to life.

Website Design and Development:

We handled the comprehensive design and development of the event website that matched MCIT requirements.

Event Design, Production & Installation:

The journey of crafting the event began with our conceptualization of the event across all elements starting from the design to the actual production and installation. From the brainstorming sessions we carefully designed and planned every aspect to ensure a cohesive and impactful vision of TechXpand. Our dedicated team worked non-stop installation working tirelessly for 48 hours straight to transform these concepts into reality. This effort ensured that every detail was precisely executed creating an immersive environment that captured the essence of TechXpand.

Event planning and management:

As we approached the day of the event, our focus shifted to the seamless execution of every element. The team handled project management and on-site support with a team of ushers, skillfully controlling 1000 + attendees. The entertainment segment featured a Saudi Qanun player and a Saudi Oud, adding a cultural touch to the experience. For refreshments, we organized a Saudi coffee and dates service with a team of coffee pourers, and coffee fixers catering to the audience, ensuring a delightful experience. Additionally, we took care of accommodation for speakers arranging 20 flights, accommodations, and transportation contributing to the overall success and satisfaction of the event.

Speaker Staging:

We ensured impeccable staging with sound systems and stage lighting for distinguished speakers like Tareq Amin(Chief Executive Officer Aramco Digital) , Mohammed Alrobayan (Deputy Minister for Technology), Amr Awadallah (Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer) and Rami Qasem (Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer) , maintaining a setup that complemented their presentations. Additionally, we successfully managed the stage for a continuous 9 hour stretch, from 9 AM to 6 PM ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted event experience.

Event Amenities and Services:
  • - Main stage experience
  • - Interactive learning spaces
  • - 102 exhibition pods
  • - Crowd control through VIP registration areas
  • - VIP welcome lounge
  • - Casual networking areas with live entertainment and coffee
  • - Private meeting spaces
  • - Media interview rooms for live news broadcasts
  • - Event presentation deck from A to Z
  • - On-site translators covering the event
  • - Flight & accommodation for speakers
  • - AV & screens
  • - Website and emailers
Crowd Management:

We implemented a comprehensive and streamlined registration system seamlessly connected to the website. Registrants received a QR code, which was scanned on-site for efficient check-ins. The system also included personalized badges and lanyards, along with a user-friendly registration form, all seamlessly integrated with the main website. This process enhanced efficiency in crowd management and ensured a smooth experience for attendees.

On-site Social Media Team:

We deployed our social media team to the event, from designers to content creators, where they actively gathered engaging content happening live to be published on the MCIT main account.

MCIT Adoptech Event video:

MCIT Adoptech required a video to be showcased at TechXpand, illustrating their dedicated commitment to advancing technology adoption in the Kingdom. The video presented highlighted MCIT's initiatives to accelerate technology adoption in vital sectors like industrial, logistics, energy, and finance. Highlighting their role in inspiring organizations to adopt cutting-edge technologies, the video subtly emphasized their significant contribution. The team traveled across Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam to capture compelling footage from leading companies such as Healtec, Namthaja, JSMAL, and iRama, further showcasing their significant role in fostering technological advancements across the Kingdom.

Photography and Videography:

Our talented photographers and videographers covered every aspect of the event. In addition, we captured insightful videos featuring businesses and their CEOs, providing valuable insights into their operations.

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