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Strengthening Marafiq’s Image & Brand

Marafiq provides integrated utility services that meet the requirements of its growing customers within the industrial and residential cities of Saudi Arabia.

The challenge

Our goal was to undertake a comprehensive overhaul of the Marafiq brand and to create all necessary communication assets as the company prepared to transition into a publicly traded entity, ensuring that all assets accurately reflected Marafiq's new direction and positioning. The result was a revitalized and strengthened brand, poised for success in its transition to the public.

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Brand Audit & Strategy:

A complete audit of all of the brand assets for Marafiq, doing an in-depth analysis and hosting brand discover sessions along with brand strategy workshops to define the revamped strategy for Marafiq Brand.

Brand Revamp & Guidelines:

Marafiq's brand strategy was reflected in the modifications made to the current logo, and the complete brand experience was redefined. This included the development of internal campaigns and the creation of a distinctive character for safety programs (Salem), as well as a comprehensive overhaul of the brand's perception by both internal and external stakeholders.

Ongoing Design:

We have an ongoing creative & design support to all of Marafiq's Corporate Communications plans, our content & design teams work very closely to develop all collaterals in alignment with the new brand identity.

Website Content, Design & Development:

Our content team built the Marafiq website from the ground up, conducting thorough discovery sessions to gain a deep understanding of Marafiq's services and infrastructure. The team then crafted a detailed site map for the complex organization and developed content that adhered to industry standards in the utilities space. Meanwhile, the design team worked to visually represent the content with an approved wireframe for the website. Once the development process was complete, our IT team went above and beyond to address any requests and challenges related to Marafiq's IPO process, ensuring that these were reflected accurately on the website.

Social Media Audit & Strategy:

In line with the new Marafiq Brand Strategy, a comprehensive social media audit was conducted on the brand's social media channels. This was followed by the development of an engagement strategy that was built around key content pillars designed to drive value and build brand equity among the target audience. Our content team then crafted a full-year content strategy and accompanying content plan to drive ROI for the brand. In addition, a campaign was built specially to announce the IPO release of the brand.

Corporate Video:

To align with the IPO process, it was crucial to create a corporate video that accurately portrayed the value Marafiq delivered to its customers, partners, and potential investors. The content team crafted a script that reflected the company's accomplishments, utilities, services, and industrial factories, while the video crew traveled to various Marafiq facilities located in Jubail, Jeddah, Yanbu, and Ras Al Khair to capture footage. The post-production team then worked to assemble the entire video.

Corporate Photography:

Capturing and cataloging Marafiq's facilities was crucial to ensure that all communication channels aligned with the new brand identity. To achieve this, our photography team embarked on a comprehensive facility tour, gathering a wealth of media assets for Marafiq's corporate communication needs. These assets were then compiled into a comprehensive media library.

Safety Awareness Video

Our team successfully produced, shot, and edited a Stop Working Authority video for Marafiq, aligning with the CEO's directive granting workers the authority to halt operations in unsafe conditions.The video was a powerful tool to communicate Marafiq's commitment to employee safety. By emphasizing crucial safety precautions, the video aimed to provide a culture that values and ensures a secure working environment. With visually engaging content, the video encouraged employees across Marafiq's facilities to actively contribute to fostering a safer workplace.

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