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Refined Excellence for Durrah Advanced Development Co.

Durrah Advanced Development Company is one of the largest producers of refined sugar in the Kingdom, with a state-of -the-art facility produces the highest quality refined sugar with a safe, chemical-free, environmental-friendly, and sustainable production process.

The challenge

We embarked on a comprehensive journey, in response to Durrah's needs in delivering multifaceted requirements for an impactful brand presence online.

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    Durrah Advanced Development Logo

Brand Guidelines:

We crafted a lively brand guideline, adding creativity and innovation to redefine and elevate the company's identity, providing clear direction for expressing the company's unique style and personality, and guiding them towards a distinctive and memorable presence in the market.

Website Content, Design & Development:

We revamped the user interface, providing a user-friendly experience, and gave the website an entirely new look enhancing its overall visual appeal. Additionally, we reimagined the written content, creating and implementing a new step-by-step sugar production process.


Packaging Design:

Our designers crafted a new packaging design for the Red Sea & Bayt Al Sugar, enhancing the presentation of their premium products across a range of sizes and packing options, extending from laminated to woven package designs.


The content team crafted an outstanding script that effectively portrayed Durrah's mission and values, emphasizing a dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability in the corporate video.


Our skillful team went to the King Fahad Industrial Port in Yanbu to showcase the highest industry standards and state-of-the-art plant and facilities dedicated to sugar production emphasizing sustainability. Showcasing the journey of sugar, from its arrival at the plant to the careful packaging process for consumer use.


Our team of editors crafted a visually engaging narrative that not only captures the journey of sugar from arrival to packaging but also emphasizes the sustainability initiatives embedded in every step of the process, highlighting Durrah's expertise. The corporate video successfully reflected their commitment to environmental consciousness and high production standards.

Brand Photo Library:

Our expert photographers skillfully captured compelling images of the warehouses factory and equipment, showcasing the operational excellence and unique aspects of the facilities, to be utilized for their convenience and website.

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