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Building Legacy, Fostering Connection for Rheem.

For nearly a century, Rheem has been a household name synonymous with comfort and innovation. Founded in 1925, the company has grown from a small American manufacturer to a global leader in heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and water heating solutions.

The challenge

As Rheem, a leader in the industry, celebrated its 100th anniversary, we were tasked with crafting a multifaceted marketing strategy that would not only commemorate the brand's legacy but also strengthen relationships with key stakeholders. We at Dice took pride in our collaborative spirit and ability to translate complex ideas into clear and impactful narratives incapsulated into the following:

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    Rheem Case Study

We strategically placed billboards across the city showcased impactful visuals capturing Rheem's rich history and commitment to progress, all while paying attention to demographics to ensure maximum impact. Our billboards were across the Kingdom, from Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Al Ahsa and other remote areas.


The campaign garnered significant attention, sparking conversations about Rheem's enduring legacy.


To reflect Rheem's evolving identity following recent acquisitions across Riyadh, we designed and implemented a cohesive branding strategy for both their offices and the International Learning Center (ILC). This included comprehensive office and showroom branding, along with handling the production and installation processes.


The new branding seamlessly integrated acquired entities and solidified a unified brand presence.

Grand Opening of the Innovation and Learning Centre (ILC):

We planned an unforgettable event to celebrate the grand opening of the impressive International Learning Center (ILC). As part of the branding, we created various event collaterals to enhance interaction and visibility. We ensured that a list of VIP stakeholders was invited to this evening of celebration and networking. The event featured a captivating opening ceremony, insightful presentations by speakers, including the notable tech influencer Faisal Al Saif, an award ceremony honoring Rheem's Best Partners, and an enjoyable entertainment program.


The event fostered strong connections with 50 key stakeholders, solidifying Rheem's position as a leader in innovation and collaboration.

Overall Impact:

Through this marketing strategy, we effectively communicated Rheem's rich history, commitment to progress, and collaborative spirit. The campaigns successfully strengthened relationships with key stakeholders, positioning Rheem for continued success in the years to come.

We have managed to capture the entire event, along with our videography team that has made sure to include all the bits and pieces in the event.

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