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5 Biggest Content Marketing Trends in 2019

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Content is Key

Producing quality content is an important part to any business. People often underestimate its importance when running a business. No matter how well your business is doing now, If you put out terrible content, it’s eventually going to fail. Our job is to help you with that by providing you with a list of Content Marketing Trends that will kickstart your entire strategy in 2019.

Content Strategy for Digital Marketers

1) Using Email To Target Your Audience

A recent survey conducted by Content Market Institute suggests that 87% of people chose emails and email campaigns, followed by 77% of educational content. Another study conducted by Hubspot showed that 86% of Professionals prefer to use emails when communicating for business purposes. However, knowing that, you have to take into consideration that relying solely on emails is ill-advised, as it was reported that approximately 78% of people who received those emails unsubscribed because they felt like they were being spammed. When done correctly, email marketing campaigns can generate more interest for your brand. Email automation, personalization, and segmentation are extremely effective to email marketing strategy. It’s crucial to develop a solid email strategy to create a loyal following.

2) Humanize and Personalize Your Content

Avoid all types of generalization. It’s ineffective and borderline boring. Your audience is incredibly diverse. Don’t bore them to death. Be specific and cater to their needs. Nobody wants to be just another buyer. People want to feel important, like they truly matter to you. They want to be seen as individual. Invest in them so they can invest in your brand. Businesses need to take care of this issue. Words are important. When you use them correctly, you personalize your audience’s experience with your company/brand.

3) Use a Conversational Approach

With the use of virtual assistants like Google, Siri, and Alexa, our way of searching for things has changed. Much of your audience no longer type out their search. Most people prefer to speak into their devices and search engines, which brings us to our next point. Use individual search terms rather than full sentences and/or questions. A study made by MediaPost, reveals that this particular trend is popular among the younger generations. It showed 71% of people from age 18 to 28 use voice-activated devices for their search needs.  This number reaches a whole new low when the age group becomes 44 to 53. As time goes on, more people will catch up to this trend. Using your SEO strategy, make sure to focus more on search words that is similar to the lingo and syntax we use.

4) Get rid of the long content

A few years ago, content that was over 1000 words often ranked higher on search engines. Since then, we’ve seen a massive shift in the appeal of shorter content. This has tipped the scales when it comes to strategy because now we face a different kind of problem. As content marketers, we need to find the balance between long and short content. With that being said, longer content is still considered a great way to make your audience think. However, some people are just looking for straight-forward information on the go. That’s where you come in. You need to be diligent when providing them with information so you don’t send them into an overwhelming frenzy.

5) Going Live

It should come no surprise to anyone in 2019 that live videos now play a crucial role in determining who follows us. Approximately 63% of content marketers have increased their use of live videos. We’ve managed to move away from formal content and scripts onto a more relaxed approach with live streams. In the last year or so, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram have all witnessed an increase in their live video streams. A study from the Interactive Advertising Bureau showed that 47% of all live video audiences watched videos more than ever before. To see more types of strategies, check out these 5 steps for building the perfect marketing strategy
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