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Raqamyah’s Crowdlending Journey to Brand Transformation

Raqamyah is a crowdlending financing platform licensed by Saudi Central Bank. As a Fintech company, Raqamyah uses innovative technology to directly connect small businesses seeking fast, affordable finance with financers who can help fund their growth. 

The challenge

We were tasked with developing a digital-first strategy to raise brand awareness and drive business growth through performance marketing using social media channels. To reflect this, we revamped the entire brand identity, building conversations and ROI, through real-world executions and interactions. What started as a social media project ended up becoming a complete brand reconstruction that successfully uplifted the entire brand.

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    Logo of Raqamyah

Full Brand Identity Revamp :

With Raqamyah established in the Saudi market, there was a need to regulate its positioning and cultivate a fresh new look that mirrors its growth and standing in the fintech industry. The creative team successfully revamped the old logo, aligning it with Raqamyah's future goals and imparting the brand with an impressive new outlook. Afterward, the focus shifted to the formulation of comprehensive brand guidelines. This step was crucial in defining how the brand would seamlessly transition into both physical and digital spaces, establishing a consistent and meaningful brand experience for Raqamyah Platform's customers.

Office Branding:

Raqmyah required office branding to synchronize its physical space with the essence of its revitalized logo. The creative team skillfully designed and executed the project, ensuring not only the conceptualization of designs but also their production and installation. The team adeptly focused on optimizing the available space to promote collaboration and creativity.

Exhibition Booths:

We designed, developed, produced, and installed the exhibition booth for Raqamyah at various exhibitions that the brand participated in, alongside end-to-end management.

Social & Paid Media Management:

We've been working with the platform for over 3 years now generating over 8,000 borrowers and 10,000 lenders in the process, which resulted in over 75 million SAR in funding for various projects listed on the platform.

Campaign Video:

Raqamyah needed a video campaign aimed at lenders, strategically emphasizing the ease and safety of investing with Raqamyah, regardless of the scale of projects. We ingeniously showcased the simplicity of investing with Raqamyah, underscoring the accessibility of their platform. We handled the end-to-end process of the campaign, from crafting the #ذهيّن concept of the script to shooting and editing the footage seamlessly. The result was a humorous video that displayed investing with Raqamyah as an enjoyable experience for potential lenders.

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