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Honoring a Great Journey at BSF

We were tasked to create an unforgettable farewell event for Mr. Rayan Fayez, the Managing Director and CEO of BSF as he was transitioning to NEOM. Our goal was to bring BSF employees and senior management together for a memorable farewell event, taking into consideration the CEO’s transition. Therefore, we produced a sentimental video farewell message consisting of all the employees that worked with him at the time.

The challenge

We were tasked with the farewell of Mr. Rayan Fayez, Managing Director & CEO of BSF, as he was moving to NEOM, our goal was to bring BSF employees and senior management for an amazing farewell for the CEO, taking into consideration his new position at NEOM, we also developed a Video Farewell message from all the close employees that worked with him directly during his time as the CEO.

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Event Management:

We carefully planned the CEO's farewell event, considering all Stakeholder input, including catering, branding, photography, and videography.

Video Production:

A special video was composed from all the close employees who worked directly with Mr Rayan to deliver a special message on his farewell and make the moment more memorable.

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