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From Vision to Reality, City Med Brand Journey

We were approached with a rebranding project for CMH, highlighting the highest standard of healthcare. The institution wanted to emphasize brand positioning while reflecting the core values of the hospital. Due to major client satisfaction, we ended up carrying out their entire activations from the website, photography, and videography library.

The challenge

We were approached with a rebranding project for the hospital, with the highest standard of healthcare, the institution wanted to make sure the brand positioning reflects the values behind the hospital.

  • Client

    City Med hospital logo

Brand Name & Story:

The brand was developed with a focus on passion and purpose. We approached the brand name from a customer-centric perspective, seeking a name that communicated the hospital's modern healthcare marvel and was easily recognizable. We worked with focus groups to ensure the chosen name effectively highlighted the hospital's key strengths

Brand Identity & Logo:

Thoughtfully crafted for recognition and retention. During logo development, multiple options were carefully evaluated. Ultimately, the design was inspired by the hospital's physical building, which conveyed its strength, to create a logo that reflects and amplify the brand.

Brand Activation & Production :

Our team worked closely with the key personnel of City Med hospital to design a customer engagement strategy that accurately expressed the hospital's brand and raised awareness among the target audience. To achieve this, we managed all production aspects of the brand activation that took place inside Nakheel Mall in Riyadh. As part of our CSR activity, we came up with the idea of a blood donation drive to support the hospital's need for blood supply. This activation not only served as community service but also helped to promote the hospital's brand in a meaningful way.

Website Design & Development:

Designed and developed to accurately convey the hospital's voice, our design team prioritized content development to align with the brand's tone and voice. They closely collaborated with the hospital to create a user-friendly website that considers the customer's journey and incorporates UX/UI design principles.

Social Media Management:

Building conversations on social media with the brand established, we developed a social media strategy that aligned with the brand goals and aimed to increase the hospital's visibility among its target audience. We started the social media accounts from scratch and worked to drive growth and build a community online for the hospital.

Brand Photo Library:

Our content team aimed to visually express the brand in a simple yet significant way. They developed a plan to showcase the hospital's impressive infrastructure and high-quality healthcare facilities, as well as its greatest asset which is the doctors and healthcare providers, to accurately reflect the brand's direction.

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