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SWCC Evolve 2023 

The Saline Water Conversion Corporation is a government corporation that runs desalination facilities and power plants in Saudi Arabia. It is also the second-largest provider of electricity in the nation. 

The challenge

SWCC was hosting the Evolve 2023 summit “Enabling the Development of Desalination in KSA” and needed support with an outstanding immersive experiential journey that presents how seawater turns suitable for consumption and industrial use.

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Production & Logistics:

In a limited time frame, our production and logistics team successfully managed the overall high quality of all production elements central to the event concept, creating an immersive experiential journey that showcased the process of making seawater suitable for consumption and industrial use. We quickly designed and built prominent installations from scratch, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees while also effectively managing logistical challenges with limited space.

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