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Merz Aesthetics Expert Summit

Merz Aesthetics is a leading, global aesthetics company, and an award winning portfolio of injectables, devices, and skincare products help health care professionals fuel confidence through aesthetic medicine.

The challenge

Being a prime brand in the personal healthcare sector, our goal was to assemble a prestigious event on-level with the brand standards, so we selected Ammariah Hills as the befitting venue joining both local and international doctors, in order to experience the vast products offered by Merz Aesthetics.

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Event Creative Concept:

Given the highly sensitive nature of the brand it was very important to deliver aesthetically creative concept that reflected the high standards of the brand, therefore our creative team worked with Photography Teams to build and deliver a truly immersive Event Creative Concept.

Event Management:

We choreographed an amazing performance at the event to entertain the attendees, which was a huge success and received widespread attention on social media from the guests.

Production & Logistics:

The event space required a massive effort from our production & logistics team managing high quality of all production elements that were central to the event concept as well as managing several logistical challenges as the event was hosted at an outdoor location outside the city.

Event Entertainment:

We choreographed an amazing performance at the event to entertain the attendees, which resulted in a huge hit and was amplified on Social Media through guest.

Event Documentation:

We had a team of photographers and videographers covering the entire event, to ensure the event was properly documented and so these assets can be used for Social Media Amplification by the Brand.

Video Production:

Our content writers were able to put an amazing script to reflect the goals of the brand and our video production team was able to capture it flawlessly.

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